Archibold Blackfox

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Born the only Human son of Nicodemus Blackfox, the Elven Magician Lord of the Three Grottoes. Nicodemus retired from shadowrunning to tend the sanctuaries of his kin and commune with spirits. His two daughters have used their share of the family wealth to seek higher education where the boys have taken to the streets with theirs. The two eldest boys are the lords of an Elven racing club while the youngest is a quickly rising enforcer for a full fledged gang.

Archibold, Archy to his family, began tinkering with vehicles when it became painfully apparent he would not live the life as an Elven ‘runner. Shunned by the family spirits and incapable of firing a bow without stripping the fletching, Archy found his voice in machines. Getting his hands dirty in the street bikes of his brother’s racing friends, he found he could produce custom modifications with relative ease. His street branding under A-Bold became the talk of the Three Grottoes and soon attracted the less savory elements of the streets. A-Bold could produce racing mods, drones and even weaponized additions that soon made him a sought after commodity.

Archy has done ride-alongs with his brother’s “club” as driver and on site mechanic or drone operator but has yet to feel any real heat. Despite his blood ties, he finds he is still treated as an outsider and his constant search for approval and validation may get him in trouble. Archy has two young children, both with Elven mothers and he finds himself taking jobs he’d otherwise avoid to help pay the bills. He bounces between the two women between their other failed relationships but tried to raise his kids as siblings on weekends. Archy’s story can be that of a thousand other runners trapped between a world not entirely given to machines and not entirely in the realm of magic. A bastard by birth and by social exclusion, he is looking for a place for his children to feel the family connection he never had and maybe that one big score that will help him pay the price for it. If such a place even exists.

Archibold Blackfox

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