Johnny Two-Volcanoes

Troll Bounty Hunter

Body 8 Total Edge 3
Agility 3 Current Edge 3
Reaction 3(5) Essence 4.7
Strength 8 Magic/Resonance n/a
Charisma 2 Initiative 6(8)
Intuition 3 Initiative Passes 1
Logic 3 Matrix Initiative n/a
Willpower 4 Astral Initiative n/a
Physical Monitor 12 Mental Monitor 10
Ballistic Armor 6 Impact Armor 4

Johnny Falling Rocks was born to the poorest family in Red Cloud Reservation, near Rapid City, in the Sioux Nation. A smaller child than most, Johnny was teased mercilessly by other children. Just days after a gang of boys on the reservation made Johnny wear mop yarn on his head like a woman’s wig, magic activated his DNA and Johnny transformed into a troll. His family saw this as a boon: a way for the poorest family to secure stature in the community. Johnny Falling Rocks became Johnny Two-Volcanoes (with twin volcano tattoos, one on each bicep, in honor of the Native America Nations’ history of activating volcanoes as weapons against the government), and worked first as an enforcer for Chief Witko’s family, then later as a reservation bounty hunter. Despite his success in all things aggressive and physical, the psyche of a hounded, fearful boy still lives inside Johnny Two-Volcanoes (JTV to his friends), and this conflict can produce disastrous results—like the time Johnny fled the Ghost Buffalo ceremony, buffalo bite marks shamefully covering only half of his back; or the time, outraged, he nearly beat a father to death after discovering bruises on the boy. Johnny is sometimes at odds with, and afraid of, his juggernaut form; he calls this “the storm.”

After Russel Quiet Eagle raped and killed Chief Witko’s daughter, Johnny Two-Volcanoes vowed he would find the villain and bring him back to the reservation for justice. Johnny left the reservation for the first time. One of the biker gangs on the reservation, The Bone Throwers, drove Johnny to an allied biker gang in a distant city where Russel Quiet Eagle was thought to be hiding. Here he met Archibold Blackfox. (“I will not call you Archy, I would never rob your name of the word ‘bold’.”) The two spent a confusing week hunting down Quiet Eagle without success. At first, Johnny postured and grew frustrated with their failure, but as he realized that Archibold was often just as much a stranger to the chaos of city life as he was, the two bonded—even more so when Archibold brought his child with them for a few days. (“Take this necklace of shells, child; it is of my people—wait, please give it back to me if you are only going to throw it away.”) Johnny recognizes some of his own situation in Archibold, and the two drink long and hard in the bar Archibold’s gang inhabits, talking of the jobs they must take in order to survive.

Johnny cannot return to the reservation without Quiet Eagle, but he realizes he may never find him, so he makes Archibold promise to deliver his horns to his tribe if he should die while a stranger to the city in this quest. In his heart of hearts, he knows he is a runner now and will never return. But the two men leave this unsaid.

Johnny Two-Volcanoes

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