Ramjot Singh (George)

Street Samurai

Body 3 Total Edge 2
Agility 4(6) Current Edge 2
Reaction 5(7) Essence 6 (not correct)
Strength 4(6) Magic/Resonance n/a
Charisma 2 Initiative 7
Intuition 2 Initiative Passes 2
Logic 2 Matrix Initiative 4
Willpower 2 Astral Initiative n/a
Physical Monitor 10 Mental Monitor 9
Ballistic Armor ? Impact Armor ?

Born in the sprawls of suburban Seattle into a large family, George always felt that a life of either working a 9-5 job or being a common street ganger would be a life wasted; feeling that he was born for something more George dreamed big, working for a mega-corp was what he was born to do.

Before he could fulfill his dream he first needed to learn to fight, rightly so he felt that the fist fights with his brothers and sisters would not be good enough to help him in his venture. One day when surfing the net he stumbled across a picture of an Japanese samurai and was drawn to the image; the sword, armor, stance and way in which this warrior was depicted all captivated his attention. This image made George feel alive and also pulled at his soul, feeling as if this was a wood cut of what he should look like; this was very odd because George is Indian and his family is Hindu.

His quest to become more “Asian” would bring scorn upon him from his family and his neighborhood; almost at the end of his willingness to endure this scorn he happened upon an old dojo run by an old black man who was willing to teach George kendo. His teacher would instill upon George not only the art of using a sword but also the spirit of the sword and the discipline that it would require. After years with this teacher George had adopted the life style of a monk with very few personal possessions and leaving his home to live in the dojo. George came to realize that his skills had passed his master’s but he also knew that to truly become the warrior he felt he was the training with the sword would need to become far grater then what he could accomplish with his “normal” body.

He came to the conclusion that he would need to join a mega corp to help him get the financial means to truly master his skills. Joining with Ares the mega-corp as a low level security guard, George came to find that the life of a “samurai” was his calling; the combination of sword and guns drew his youthful ideas and his job could provide the means to get the implants that he would need.

The work of a corporate muscle man with a mega corp did provide George with the money that he needed and gave him adventures beyond his wildest dreams, but the jobs that he began to get were not what George perceived as “honorable”. This conflict deeply troubled him because he was caught between his sense of duty towards the Corp that had provided him with the money and training that he wanted so badly, but the work was not what he felt a true samurai would do.

His choice to quit the mega corp came to be when on a run for them and during a combat a wounded guard begged for mercy; he was unarmed and had lost an arm. Feeling that there was no honer to kill this man because of his condition George turned to leave the man to freedom and one of his fellow agents shot the man in the head and then searched the body. This coldblooded killing of a helpless opponent changed George because of one the basic philosophies that his master had taught him “true power comes not from the ability to kill but from the ability to kill and choosing not to”.

After the assignment George would resign from the Corp and choose an austere life, spending his money on new implants and caring only for training himself further. The need for money is what brought George to the life of a Shadowrunner. It was in this life he would find a life that he felt had a good moral code.

He could choose what missions he would do or not do and was allowed to accomplish the mission in whatever way he saw fit as long as the job got done. Also during these runs he would come to meet a few runners that he felt he could trust and would slowly befriend them. Georges friendship does not take the form of cards and flowers, however, instead his friendship takes form in the knowledge that he will trust his friends completely and is more then willing to give his life in order to save them; this friendship is rarely given out but those who posses it know that they have a merciless warrior at their side when ever they need it.

Ramjot Singh (George)

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