Simon Stone

Hacker specializing in Security services and procedures

Body ? Total Edge ?
Agility ? Current Edge ?
Reaction ? Essence ?
Strength ? Magic/Resonance ?
Charisma ? Initiative ?
Intuition ? Initiative Passes ?
Logic ? Matrix Initiative ?
Willpower ? Astral Initiative ?
Physical Monitor ? Mental Monitor ?
Ballistic Armor ? Impact Armor ?

Simon was born in northern Seattle. Most of his life was spent working odd jobs until he landed the perfect gig. Security analyst for ARES Corp. Assigned to the internal security division, Simon was part of a team that helped prevent hackers and other unauthorized entries into ARES’ computer mainframe. The specialized team would be on call at a moment’s notice to literally jump into the system and fight off any intrusions or viral attempts which could compromise the company. Four years of loyal service would eventually be rewarded with the loss of his job after taking the fall for the team’s failure. The event occurred when an unknown super hacker entered the system and managed to get through every automated defense in a matter of seconds. That is when Simon and his team went in. The grueling battle lasted for 13 minutes (in the matrix sometimes that could feel like hours) and in the end a large amount of personnel data had been stolen. The final report was made by the team leader Mr. Lionel Tamm and was skewed to make it seem as though Simon was the one who failed to keep the intruder out. Accused for the data loss Simon was fired and lost all of his investment holdings and pension, he was also blacklisted and would have an impossible time finding programming work in his field ever again.

Six months after losing his career, the only job he could get was a tech support position for the Andromeda Toasters and small appliances company. One fateful day a phone call would change his life. The day started out like any other and just before his lunch break he received a call from a Mr. Lionel Tamm. Lionel seemed to be having some trouble with his toaster and was now complaining to Simon about the promises of the warranty. Simon held Tamm solely responsible for the loss of his job and now here was the man talking to him on the other end of the line. Stunned and completely anonymous to Mr. Tamm, Simon began devising a means to get even with his old boss. He spent his lunch hour sneaking around in the client data and managed to steal every bit of information about Mr. Tamm humorously enough, through his faulty toaster. The credit reports, and banking data came through and suddenly Simon possessed everything he would need to make Lionel’s life a living hell of parking tickets, overdue late fees and embarrassing sim-sense movie downloads on his corporate charge card. Simon learned that he was able to seamlessly walk through the matrix and borrow and edit information at his will. Suddenly a new Hacker was born.

Simon has a unique view of the Matrix and the virtual world. Inside the machine he sees himself as a 1930’s style detective. Making contact with Simon usually involves having to enter his office and speak with his secretary Alice. Alice is a virtual person (think Rachel from Blade Runner) who happens to be a little sassy sometimes. When the client agrees to the terms she presents the client’s avatar is modified and the 30’s detective agency door opens. The world is black and white and Alice always offers a generic line of avatar attire to the client should they be new or unaware of what a 30’s detective movie should look like. The Noir setting is often confusing to most but easily dismissed as the eccentric behavior of a master computer hacker. Once the client’s avatar is ready they are then lead to Simon’s office and seated at his desk. Simon is usually reading a newspaper with his feet up on the corner of his desk. a lone fan spins overhead and an ashtray sits on the edge of the desk closest to the client. From here the job is presented in full and the deal is made.

Simon Stone

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